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Hello dear reader and welcome to our all encompassing online betting site. Here you will find information on the most popular gambling games but with an emphasis on sports betting, our main passion. We want to give our thoughts and reviews of the best online betting sites, write up betting tips for the top sporting events, share our take on news in the sports world that might relate to betting, insight and strategy for betting on different sports and other general things that would relate to sports betting and gambling on the internet.

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The purpose of this betting portal is to provide our visitors with the best betting information possible on the topics mentioned in the first paragraph. Using our combined experience of over 30 years of online betting we want to educate you and make you the best bettor that you can be. Although our goal (and probably yours as well) is to win money betting online we do not want this to detract from the main reason we do this: to have fun!

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New to Betting Online?

Online betting has seen explosive growth over the last few decades, and given the strict laws surrounding it in many regions around the world, we do not see this growth slowing off too much in the near future. Gambling online is here to stay, that is for sure. But even if the online world of gambling is starting to grow into their late teens there isn't necessarily all of you out there that have given this exciting entertainment option a try just yet. There can be several reasons for this: maybe you don't know how to get started, maybe it seems a bit overwhelming with all the betting sites out there or you simply did not know about the possibility of doing it. If the latter is the case, we wonder which rock you have lived under! ;)

No matter what your issue is though, we are here to help out those newbie gamblers out there. We have put together a full blown beginners guide for online bettors where we will go through everything you need to know to get started wagering on sports online. We cover topics like how to deposit funds online, how to choose a betting site, gambling history, how to stay safe when gambling online and much more. We recommend you check it out and read some parts that you feel uncomfortable about and hopefully you might feel better equipped to get going betting online.

Beginners Guide to Online Betting

About Best Betting Online

This site has been in the planning stages for quite some time. I felt that my expertise in the field of online betting is at a very high level, and now that I have gotten help from some good friends around the world it was about time to take the site live and get going with producing some content.

We have already stated that our goal is to educate our readers and hopefully make you all profitable at online betting, but we do not want this to get in the way of having some good old fun. As mentioned most of the gamblers are losing money doing it, so if you are taking the fun out of it as well you are just left with an expensive hobby that you hate. We hope that we can teach you a thing or two about betting to have you lose a little less, or maybe even become a long term winner, while at the same time enjoy your time at the bookies. If we can do that, our website has been a success!

If these are things you want to know more about then this site is without doubt the one for you. If you are new to sports betting we will give you a quick start guide on how to bet online. Are you a seasoned veteran on the other hand you might want to know where to start betting.

How to Utilize This Website

Right now there isn't much in the way of content on this website, but as we plan on releasing more and more content over the next few weeks we thought we would share some of the plans here right now. Our idea is to divide the site into different sections:

Betting Articles - We want to cover as many sports as we can and will write up betting strategy, basic information, betting odds, bet types and other types of information for those sports that we feel we master. These are meant to teach our readers the basic while at the same time share some golden nuggets of information that might help you elevate your skillset just a little further.

Betting Tips - As we enjoy betting on sports (a lot!) we thought it might be a good idea to share these bets that we find with our readers. This is not only to be kind to our readers by giving out freebies as we hope to gain something from it. Maybe some of you can comment on our analysis and help us improve? That way we can get better and produce better tips in the future - everybody wins! :)

News - We enjoy writing and as we are following sports closely to get better at betting we also feel that we can share our takes on some breaking news stories. These will mostly be with the angle of betting though as this is not meant to be a news site. For that you can visit ESPN.com as they are waay more up to date than us.

Other Betting Topics - The final part of our category list is kinda of where we lump the rest of the topics together. We have some ideas for quite a bit of content which revolve around sports betting online, but don't quite deserve their own category. These include bonuses, banking options, mobile betting, live betting and other random topics on gambling.

New to betting or betting online? Fear not! We have created a guide for those that want to get started right away but feel a little lost on the way. Check out our quick start betting guide to learn the basics of betting.