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Welcome to BestBettingOnline, your complete guide to sports betting and your ultimate betting companion.

BestBettingOnline is run by keen gamblers and sports fans and includes comprehensive guides on the latest sporting events, from weekend soccer fixtures that cover everything from the English Premier League to La Liga and Bundesliga, to tennis tips, NFL tips and more. Our writers cover most disciplines and most leagues and they have a high record of success across the board.

As well as regular tips on popular events and niche events, BestBettingOnline also includes guides that show you the basics and teach you how to become more profitable; reviews of the best and worst sports betting sites; and a great deal more.

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BestBettingOnline Writers

BestBettingOnline hires experienced writers and skilled tipsters to provide informative, interesting and potentially profitable tips on all major sports and leagues. All of our writers cover several different areas, and don’t write guides unless they have proven themselves with a succession of successful tips.

Adrian S

As the owner of BestBettingOnline, Adrian is the mastermind behind the site and behind each and every guide listed herein. Adrian is a lifelong gambler and sports fan with degrees in finance and statistics. He has used his knowledge to manipulate the exchanges and to predict the outcomes of everything from soccer to NFL.

When he is not working, Adrian enjoys playing poker. He has been mastering the game for over 11 nows now and has been profitable for much of that time, winning at the cash game tables. He brings that knowledge to BestBettingOnline where he can, writing guides on his favorite card game and pointing readers in the direction of the best and worst poker rooms on the market.

David Jester

David began his career as an author, writing comedy and horror fiction. In 2013, he began freelancing and made his way to the top of several freelancing portals. These days, David spends more time working on his obligations as an author than he does on his freelancing work, but he still finds time for both.

As a life-long football fan, David considers himself to be an expert on the sport and handles all major competitions and games for BestBettingOnline. David has also gambled from a very young age (admittedly, even before it was legal for him to do so) and as well as soccer he enjoys watching rugby, boxing, MMA, American football and snooker, as well as several other sports. He even has time for Gaelic football and Aussie Rules football, watching and gambling on anything and everything while furiously working away on his laptop.

You can stay up to date with David’s latest books, events and more on his Facebook Page or his website.