Betting Sites

The internet saw the first online casino start up back in 1994 by Microgaming and CryptoLogic. This spelled the dawn of online gambling and has since then grown into a multi-billion industry that plenty of people all over the world part take in. Given the demand for gaming options online there are plenty of betting sites established every year still trying to accommodate and take their piece of the market. This is both good and bad for us as customers, but mostly good if you can follow some simple guidelines.

On this page we want to try to help you find the best betting site for your specific situation. We will review all the sites that we use ourselves, but only recommend those that we like, still use and treat us fair. It would be a good starting point for you if you just pick one of our top picks here, but if you have something specific you are looking for then reading our reviews would help you finding the site that fits your needs more precisely. Below we will give an overview over how we do our reviews and things we are looking for when rating the gaming portals.

Best Betting Sites

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus Visit
1 Great Reputation Bet NowBet365 Review
2 €30 Bonus Bet NowBetway Review
3 Treble the Winnings Bet Now888sport Review
4 £25 Free Bet Bet NowBetVictor Review
5 $25 Bonus Bet NowComeOn Review

What We Look For In A Betting Site

There are several different factors that we consider when we write our reviews of all the betting sites that we are using. Although we have our personal preference when it comes to importance, we know that you have yours as well. Because of this we are trying to simply give an (mostly) objective overview of the site and then we give our subjective thoughts at the end. This way you can judge for yourself whether you like the outfit or not.

Good Standing is Mandatory

Now some of the aspects of a site we feel have to be there in order for us to even consider them. Things like a good reputation and knowing that they are licensed and regulated are bare minimums in our opinion. If these requirements are not met we do not feel confident in putting our own money on their site, and certainly not confident enough to recommend them to our readers. We thus do a search on forums and on the web in general to find out what the consensus of the site is and look for possible red flags. Checking their licenses is also on the to-do list.

Other Features

After this one vital point we feel that we end up in the “it depends department”. The rest of what is required by the potential customer is depended upon what they like in a betting site and what is not so important for them. We for example love for our betting sites to offer Neteller as a way to fund our account and have plenty of bets offered on football. But you might be indifferent to your deposit options and prefer to have plenty of promotions offered on different bets. This would often change our recommendation to you personally, but this you need to find out for yourself. Our reviews are simply objective views of the site, sprinkled with our subjective thoughts. It is impossible to compare some sites against each other as most excel at some points, while others are weaker.