Neymar is attracting all kinds of attention

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, probably known to every soccer fan around the world, sure is an institution. Famous Brazilian, currently representing French side PSG, has become this summer the biggest transfer deal the industry had seen so far. The undisputed talent, showmanship and leader abilities, high earnings, awards and million-dollar contracts – are what’s putting him on the spotlight coming from every angle. For those reasons, he will always be a constant center of media attention and major bookmakers’ interest.

With the position he has earned, strong media presence, rich social life and many interesting hobbies like dancing, music and wakeboarding, there is no wonder Neymar will be a hot prospect for various advertising and promotional purposes for a long time. His brand value allows him to sign some lucrative contracts every year, successively expanding overall net worth. There is nothing in the way of mixing business with pleasure, like that time young Brazilian took some liking into professional poker, becoming for a while the face of PokerStars, which is considered one of the best internet poker sites and rooms out there. He showed himself around a few big tournaments, like World Series of Pokers. Even after his professional obligations were no longer the issue, the passion remained and he still keeps making a presence from time to time, usually at private parties and charity events.

That is a personality that guarantees waves to be made, no doubt. Focusing on the sporting aspect of the whole phenomenon, recent Neymar’s departure from beloved Barcelona to money infested Paris Saint-Germain took the world of soccer by the storm. Whether it happened out of growing ambitions of stepping out of Lionel Messi’s shadow, simple financial lures, because of some hidden conflict, or any other possible reason, it became truly historical event. Life goes on though, Barcelona’s team is looking good, steadily on its way to championship with secured replacement in the flesh of ex-Liverpool’s star – Philippe Coutinho. Even from the UEFA’s regulations point of view (Financial Fair Play), there doesn’t seem to be any significant aftermath yet.

The dust has barely settled and there are more shocking news regarding to Neymar’s next career steps. Media reports possible transfer to Real Madrid, as the player is supposedly on top of their wish list. The deal is predicted to be done as soon as next summer window. If this ever becomes reality, it probably will not sit well with Brazilian superstar’s former colleagues and FC Barcelona supporters. Even more surprising is, that despite spending a fortune on the player, Paris would still be able to make a huge profit in short period of time, as presumed transfer fee is believed to be over 350 million pounds.

While we definitely witnessed more inconceivable events in sports, maybe not in terms of money spend, as this would have to be another record breaking deal, there is still too early to tell much of the season’s final conclusions. One thing to have in mind will surely be how well PSG will do in this year’s Champions League edition, and if the results will fulfill Neymar’s ambitions for success at European level. The question is whether poor-performing Real still possesses the ability to satisfy those notions.