Online Gambling Laws around the World

One would think that the internet does not govern any laws that will differ between the country borders, but then you have to think again. You are not free to do what you want online as the government where you live will try to limit activity they deem are in conflict with the laws they have put in place. As an online gambler you need to educate yourself on the topics of laws and regulations.

So what does this mean in practice for us online sports bettors? It means that the place you are living will determine which betting sites you are able to play at, which promotions you get to partake in, what kind of deposit options you can use and so on. You are limited in some aspects, but if you are fortunate enough to live in a country that allow online gambling you will enjoy all that the online gaming world has to offer with zero limitations.

Region specific articles

What you want and need to know

Depending on where you live there might be a lot of laws, regulations, restrictions and so on that you have to be aware of, or there might be nothing for you to worry about if you happen to live in the UK for example.

Here we will share some of the things that you need to think about for the different regions. We will update this page with individual pages for each of the most prominent countries as well.

Gambling Laws

The most important aspect for those that are interested in gambling online is the current laws in their country. These will determine whether or not you will be able to bet online or not. But often it is not as black and white as this.

Take the region I live in for example: Norway. Here it is illegal to gamble online, still there are about 200000-300000 that play online every year. How is that possible? Because it is hard to practice laws that forbids people to move funds around online and the government can’t monitor every persons actions online.

What I am trying to illustrate with this example is that there is a difference between the written law and the law that is practiced. You may be limited in options of sites to register at and deposit methods, but there will always be sites catering to those left out in the cold.

Please be advised that we are not lawyers and everything we write on this site should not be mistaken for legal advice. We are simply conveying our experience with online betting in different regions and sharing what we have found. You are responsible for checking the laws in your own country and follow them.

Best Betting Sites in your Country

Given that there is such a vast amount of betting sites available online you need to be able to make out which is perfect for your region, which are bad and which you actually can make use of.

In each of the individual region pages we will list our recommended betting sites for that country. The criterions we use here is not only limited to those that will allow you to bet on their site. We will also consider things like ease of depositing funds, if the local currency is available for use, promotions friendliness and more.

We will try to go in detail why we choose the specific sites so that you can make a more informed decision. Just note that you should do your own due diligence yourselves after getting some tips and pointers from us.

History and Future

Some of you might be interested in how the laws and practice of online gambling have been going on in your country. Maybe you would like to know if things are heading in the right direction or if they are stagnant. One would think that every place around the globe were looking to take part in this as it seems to garner most every part of society: the government will receive added tax revenues, players will be able to play without feeling persecuted and those with problems will not feel it is an issue they need to hide. Alas, that is not how it is always.

We will also try to take a look at what the future holds for some regions. Is the government even considering opening up for online gaming or are they continuing to clamp down on any kind of activity in the region. These might be the most interesting topics for our readers who want to know if there are good things coming or not.