Mobile Betting For Beginners

Let’s start this off with an obvious statement:

Mobile is huge. A big deal. It’s very popular.

Just walk through any store and you’ll see what I mean. What is everyone doing?

They’re not paying attention, that’s for sure. They’re busy playing on their phones, while walking through a crowded store.

Hell, some people pay more attention to their phones than the road while driving.

We can and do everything from our phones and tablets. Sportsbooks have taken notice, and have created mobile-friendly versions of their platforms so you and I can bet on the go.

This page is going to tell you more about how it works and how you can get started.

How To Get Started With Mobile Betting

There’s nothing to it. Mobile is very similar to betting from your computer. In fact, most bookies don’t even have apps.

So, when you visit a sportsbooks from your mobile device, this is what you can expect to happen.

They will redirect you to their mobile responsive site. Everything will be the same, only condensed to better fit your screen and be easy to use.

Most devices compatible with browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera/Safari can go this route.

But some books will have a native app. Again, when you visit the sportsbook they’ll redirect you to this option if they have it. You can also check their mobile page. From there you’ll just download the app from the app store (for free).

That’s all there is to it.

Mobile Betting Options

You’ll have all the same options. I’ve never seen a sportsbook exclude markets or betting options from their mobile platforms.

You’ll be able to choose from options like:


  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer / Futbol
  • Table Tennis
  • Snooker
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Politics
  • TV Shows
  • Etc…

Betting Options

  • First to xx points.
  • Who will win the coin toss?
  • Who will have the most points at halftime?
  • What team will win?
  • What player will win the MVP?
  • The over/under (the total score).
  • Who will run, pass, catch for xx yards or touchdowns.
  • Etc…

You’ll also be able to bet live, and for sportsbooks that offer it, stream games live, too.

Mobile Betting Promotions

Mobile bettors will get access to promotions, too. No different than if you were betting from your laptop.

Some offers will be mobile-exclusive, while others will be available to everyone.

Here are some of the deals you can expect to find:

Deposit Bonuses – These offers are reserved for first time customers. The most common offer is the match bonus – the casino will match a percentage of your deposit.

For example, is offering a 25% lifetime bonus up to $1,000. Every $100 you deposit will give you $25 – up to a max of $1 grand.

Keep in mind that these bonuses aren’t free-free. You do have to make real money bets to ‘earn’ the money.

Reduced Juice – With this offer the bookie will reduce the vig on a -110 line to -105. It may not look like much, but say you were betting $100 – you’re saving $5 for every bet you make. Every 20 bets and you bought yourself another $100 bet.

Cash Back – Every book is different, but most times the cash back is a percentage of your losses given back to you. For example, 5Dimes offers up to 20% cash back depending on how often you request it. Every $100 you lose you’ll get $20 back.

Free Bets – This works in a couple of ways. This can be a true free bet, where the book gives you $5 or $10 without even having to make a deposit. Then you can make any bet you want.

The other way is to reimburse you for a bet you made, but lost. Say they offer to reimburse you up to $50. Just make any sized bet, and when you lose, ship in your receipt and they’ll reimburse you any amount up to $50 (or whatever the offer is).

There you have it – mobile betting in a nutshell.

You’ll find that it’s really no different than betting from your laptop. Other than being able to bet from wherever you want (even while AT the game), whenever you want, of course.