Get 25% extra when betting live at LeoVegas this month

The question whether you like to bet or not is obviously unnecessary, because you are here after all, interested in our betting tips. The question is only, where do you like to bet? If LeoVegas is not yet on your list, perhaps you need an incentive to check them out. During the next few weeks you can claim a 25% boost on your winnings on any market as long as you bet live and via mobile. Interested?

Pick any sport you like and bet live for a booster

Grab 25% extra on in-play bets

There’s a special thrill about betting live. It doesn’t even matter which sport or event you’re betting on or what your general preference for betting markets are. The thrill is always there. At LeoVegas you can now claim a 25% boost on your winnings. Actually, you can claim two – each week until the 4th of June.

What do you need to do?

It’s easy. Place a bet of up to €25 via your mobile on a single or multiple live selection. You choose the market. Anything goes. Golf, cricket, football, tennis, whichever.

If your selection wins, you’ll get 25% extra on your winnings.

But there’s more. Place another bet via your mobile, once again of up to €25, but this time on a multiple of three or more live bets. If you win, you’ll get a second 25% boost on your winnings.

What else is important?

You can claim two boosts each promotional week. A promotional week runs from Monday to Sunday. Do make sure to place qualifying bets via mobile on live selections.

The maximum stake is €25 and the maximum winnings on either booster are €500. Any extra winnings will be paid as cash.

As usual, if a bet is voided or cashed out, the promotion will not apply.

Choose your market, your live event and selections and get started now to claim your two boosters every week until the 4th of June!
Enjoy your 25% boosters at LeoVegas now