Join the Slots Giveaway at bet365

Whilst casino promotions are not our daily fare, we do always make special mention of bet365’s fantastic €1 Mio Slots Giveaway promotion here.

Bet365 hosts a new Slots Giveaway and you can join now

Play slots and earn tickets

For those of you not familiar with this type of promotion, it is actually quite easy. Simply play below slots during the promotional period they’re featured in, make sure to wager €11 cumulatively and then earn a prize draw ticket each time you’ve wagered that amount.

The dates for the promotional periods and the qualifying games are these:

You also have the chance to play the following games and earn 2 prize draw tickets for every €11 you wager on them:

The prize draws to look forward to

The promotion is already a few days underway, but there’s still much coming your way. You can get started on earning tickets now and be in to win something for the next draw tomorrow.

Draw Dates Number of Prizes Total Draw Fund
09/10 6,000 €100,000
13/10 6,000 €100,000
16/10 7,000 €125,000
20/10 7,000 €125,000
23/10 12,000 €200,000
27/10 12,000 €200,000

You’ll be earning new prize draw tickets for each promotional period individually. Tickets cannot be carried over anyway, so you can tackle each new promotional period anew.

What else you should know

The promotion runs until the 26th October with the last prize draw taking place on the 27th. Gameplay on desktop and mobile counts alike. Remember that you can only wager €11 cumulatively on the featured games of each promotional period. Since there is only ever one double ticket game at a time, you can only earn two tickets playing each game individually when it is featured.

You may collect as many tickets as you wish and as your budget allows for. It’s also possible to win more than one prize at a time.

All prizes are real cash and therefore carry no wagering requirements. Your winnings will be in your account within two days of the prize draw.

Have fun and best of luck!
Win a share of €1,000,000 at bet365