Baseball Betting

Baseball… it’s America’s pastime. Followed closely by apple pie.

Back in the day I used to collect baseball cards. That was in the early to late 90s when Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas were the big dogs.

Baseball card collecting, as best as I can tell, has fallen to the wayside. It’s just not as popular as it used to be.

So what do you do instead?

You can always bet on baseball. Chances are that’s why you’re here. You want to learn more about baseball betting online, right?

We promise not to disappoint. Below you’ll find an overview of how to bet on baseball which happens to include the MLB, World Series, Japan, Korean, Mexican and Minor Leagues. Spring Training, too.

Are you ready to get started?

First Things First – Where to Bet Baseball Online?

You have TONS of options.

But we don’t want to overwhelm you. Instead, here are our top 3 picks for US bettors and top 3 picks for everyone else.


Everyone else:

Not sure where to start?

I suggest 5Dimes for Americans because of their dime-lines and reduced juice offers. For everyone else I recommend Pinnacle because they allow professional bettors and have good prices.

Keep in mind everywhere you bet will have promotions – offers like deposit bonuses, free bets and cash back.

Some books, however, will have baseball specific offers. A good example of a bookie that does this is Bet365.

We recommend having an account at multiple books, though, to make sure you get the best odds and the largest selection of bets you can make (since these vary from book to book).

Types of MLB Bets You Can Make

There are LOTS of bets you can make. You won’t find these options at every sportsbooks, though. So if something catches your attention you’ll have to read our reviews to see where you’ll have that option.

Here we go…

Money Line – A straight up bet on who will win and lose. The odds usually look something like:

Mariners -180 – You wager $180 to win $100 (total $280). This team is the favorite.
Yankees +150 – You wager $100 to win $150 (total $250). This team is the underdog.

Run Line – This is a fancy way of saying you’re betting the spread. One team will have a number; say 1.5, next to them. That means they (the favored team) will need to win by 2 runs for the bet to win. The other team can lose by 1 run and the bet will win.

Total (Over/Under) – You’re betting on whether the total number of runs will be over or under the number the bookie posted.

Parlays – This is a money-line bet, but on multiple teams on a single ticket. If a single team loses, the entire ticket (your bet) is a loser.

Futures – Make bets on future games or situations. For example, bet on the World Series, All-Star Game, who might win the Golden Glove, and more.

Prop Bets – Bet on random outcomes like:

Specific Events – Bet on the World Series, All-Star Game, Spring Training, etc.

Dime Lines – These are lines where the difference between the two is 10. For example:

Experts suggest finding dime-lines to save money, no matter who you bet on. Many books offer dime-lines, but only to a certain point (like -200). From there they become pricier.

Live Betting – These are like the bets above, but the key difference is you can make them in real time while the game is going. When I checked out Bovada they had one game going. There were more than 20 different bets you can make for that specific inning.

First Five Innings – This focuses on the first five innings so you more or less rely on the starting pitcher and not the relief pitchers.

That’s the most common bets, but you might find some unique options with some digging.

Now for some tips on how to make more profitable bets.

Baseball Betting Tips

==> Avoid parlays unless you’re an experienced bettor. The payouts look great, sure, but you’ll find more consistent wins with money-lines.

==> Pay attention to the news. Look for injuries, arrests, lineup changes and more. Find these before the bookie notices and you might find a BIG opportunity.

==> Who is pitching? This is likely the most important aspect of MLB betting. Good pitching often trumps good hitting.