Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports worldwide, both when it comes to playing participation and viewing. But it is also a popular game for bettors to place their money on. Guess that is no wonder given the popularity it has risen to over the years. In 2012 it was reported that bets on basketball amounted to $737M (23% of the total betting volume), second only to USAs favorite pastime – american football.

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For long there were mostly the US that dominated the sport from the NBA and during the 1992 Olympics with the so called “Dream Team”. Since then the rest of the world have been catching up and making it harder for them to win at the world cups and this have made the sport become more popular in smaller countries when they have a chance to compete for gold. Spain, Russia, France and other nations are closing in on the Americans, but there is still some space to make up for.

Online Basketball Betting

Even though many feel that sporting events and betting goes hand in hand that is not how all the countries feel. Even though the NBA is the most bet on basketball league, it is weird to think that online betting is illegal in the US. But they are slowly turning around, and now even NBA commissioner Adam Silver backs sports betting. Gambling is not going away so people might as well get used to it in my opinion, and it looks just like that is what plenty of governments is doing now.

Basketball Bets Available

The game of basketball has the goal of outscoring the opposing team, this you will find the standard wager where you can bet on which team to win, either on the money line or with a point spread. These are by far the most common ones and you will usually find these, along with a game total bet on every game offered.

Variations on these can also be found where you can bet additional game spreads or game totals. Maybe you believe that a favorite will win with an even bigger margin and you would like to take on some higher odds? Or maybe you have a hunch that a team will win with a certain margin? Bet the winning margins.

You will also find bets like whether the team total or game total is gonna land on odds or even. Usually this is a horrible bet to place (especially in soccer or hockey) as you cannot predict such things – it will be totally random. But maybe given the non-linear scoring there is a possibility to find an edge?

Other bets includes the likes of race to 20 points which is a fun one in basketball, double results and many, many prop bets on the bigger games. Note that these often are not available until close to tip-off, but worth it to look into.

Live Betting

Basketball live betting offers plenty of betting options that many other games are lacking. I think this is the game I am betting the most when I am in the in-play feature of betting sites, which stems from a combination of the sheer volume of games available, but also because of the plethora of betting options.

You see that unlike games like soccer, hockey, football and so on the scoring is quite frequent in basketball so the bets and odds are changing quite rapidly always opening up for new opportunities and bets you can take advantage of.

There are also more betting options present here because of this: the standard game lines, totals and such are here, but you also have these bets available in every quarter in addition to the likes of point races, winner margins and so on. This makes it so that you kind of have a new game every quarter so you can bet on it more times than only the one time.

Basketball Betting Strategy

As with other types of sports betting you need to be disciplined and exercise sound bankroll management in order to have a chance at winning money doing this. There are some extra steps you can take to get that extra edge in basketball though.

Bet the smaller leagues – Yeah I know, the NBA is most likely the league you like to watch and bet on. But this is true for plenty of other punters out there as well. You are going to notice that it is much harder to beat this market given that so much volume is put into it. If you would just take one step down to the NCAAB you would immediately have a way easier time finding value bets.

If you choose to delve even deeper into the Euro leagues or other somewhat more obscure basketball leagues you can be sure to have an even greater chance of getting value, although at smaller volume. Good place to get started for beginners though. On the same note I would recommend checking out some other bets besides the standard ones as they may be harder to price for the bookmakers.

Quick tips for handicapping basketball – This will simply be a quick list of things to watch out for when you are looking to handicap a game of basketball; Check lineups and injury lists for the teams thoroughly. Look for betting trends, but don’t bet them. Maybe being a contrarian has value? Look for teams that have high percentage of shots within the paint, but low scoring. This might be the sign of some bad variance and could prove to turnaround soon. Turnovers is also a good predictor of winning, so check teams that have high positives here.

What Leagues and Events Can You Bet On?

A special part about basketball betting online is not all the different bets that you can place, but the vast amount of leagues that you can bet on. Although football betting might be more popular in the amount of wagers, it is somewhat limited in how many teams and events that is available.

Basketball has the same ones in the state with the NBA, NCAAB and WNCAAB. But in addition to these you will also find plenty of leagues worldwide available for betting. The great part about this is that you don’t have to wait around for your local league to start as there will always be a game going on somewhere in the world!

NBA – The biggest and the best are featured here in what is considered the best basketball league in the world by far. All the talent around the world is scooped up and come here to play, as well as all the talent from the NCAAB. With the countless games that are played throughout the season it offers plenty of basket action and betting opportunities.

NCAAB – An even wider selection of bets is found at the collegiate level. Just in Division I basketball will you find there is 351 schools competing in 32 conferences. If you take a liking to these games you are sure to be occupied with different betting options for a very long time. There are lower divisions as well with even more teams playing. If you need volume of games, NCAAB has got it.

This is also the league that adopted the term “March Madness”, which is used for when the Division I playoffs starts (and ends) during March every year. This marks a period where there are extensive odds, offers and coverage for the sport. Definitely a period you should be ready to place money on the game.

Euroleague – The premiere basketball league in Europe. This tournament features the top 31 teams in Europe duking it out to be crowned the best in Basketball in this continent. It can be compared to the Champions League of soccer where the teams are featured in group stages before the top teams go on to the playoffs. Not as many betting options as in the American leagues, but definitely a place you need to look if you want to bet on high level basketball outside North America.