Football Betting

Football is one of the world’s oldest sports with variations dating back to 106-43 BC. People enjoy watching, playing and betting on it. Few sports have the same mass appeal.

This page is for people that want to bet on it. Read on to learn what promos bookies offer, what leagues you can bet on, and the types of bets you can make.

Best Football Betting Sites

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Football Betting Promotions

Every bookie runs football related promotions. Especially during events like the World Cup or MLS Finals. Offers like these give you the most bang for your buck.

Bracket Contests – Can you choose which teams will advance from each bracket? Make the winning picks and you can win a cash prize.

Bore Draw Money Back – If the game you bet on ends in 0-0 you’ll receive your wager back. This applies to bets made on first, last or anytime goal scorer, half/full time or all correct score markets.

To Win Outright – Place a bet on who you think will win outright. If your team is eliminated on penalties, you’ll receive your bet back.

Live Streaming – Watch the biggest events, such as the FIFA World Cup, live.

Match Bonuses – The bookie will offer to match a percentage of your deposit. For example, a 100% match up to $500. That means if you deposit $250, the bookmaker will give you $250 (total bankroll is $500). You’ll need to wager your deposit and bonus so many times before the money is yours to withdraw.

Offers change all the time. We recommend you bookmark our reviews, and the bookmakers’ promos page to stay updated.

In addition to our betting tips our analysts posts, we also have a computer model we use to come up with value betting tips for football as well. This is well researched by our staff that has a focus on statistics and programming, and have used their knowledge to create a model that can find excellent bets as well.

If you want to have a look at what it has to offer, check it out here. New tips updated every hour.

Football Bets You Can Make

To say you have options would be an understatement. There are many leagues, events and teams you can bet on. There are lots of different bets you can make too.

Lets look at examples for each.

Types of Football Bets

Props – You can bet on things like what team will win the coin toss, will score first, will score the most goals and more.

Parlays – You’re betting on several teams on one slip. All teams must win for you to win your bet.

Spread Bets – Bet on how many goals you think a team will win by. If bookies expect the better team to win by 2 goals, they will need to win by 3 for you to beat the spread and win your wager. Any less than 2 and you lose.

Moneylines – Bet on the specific outcome of a game, be it a win or draw.

Futures – These are bets on games that are in the ‘future.’ They could even before the regular season / league starts.

Live / In-Play – Bet on matches while they’re in play. Bet on things like exact number of goals, even or odd goals, the over/under and more, all in real time.

Tournament Totals – Bet on the number of goals scored in a tournament.

Total Goals – Bet on the total number of goals between each team.

Stage of Elimination – Bet on what stage a team is eliminated.

Player Total Goals – How many goals does a player score in a match or championship?

Top Goal Scorer – Who will score the most goals?

Group Betting – Bet on the performance of a group instead of individual teams.

These are some of the more common options. I recommend reading our reviews to learn more about what bets you can make at each sportsbook.

Football Leagues

There are too many leagues to keep track of. Each has their own set of teams and championship events.

Here are some of the biggest leagues you can bet on:

There are obviously plenty of other soccer leagues around the world in most countries, like the MLS, J1 League, Russian Premier League, and some of the sportsbooks even allow you to bet on the smaller sub-divisions within those leagues. I can bet on my local team that plays in second division in Norway for example!

Football Events

FIFA World Cup – This is an international football competition. It runs every 4 years, with the most recent competition being now (2014). It runs for a month where 32 (and maybe soon to be 40) teams compete for the title. But the qualification takes place 3 years prior where more than 200 teams compete to qualify.

The Premier League – The most viewed football league in the world. It’s broadcasted into 643+ million homes. 20 clubs play 38 games throughout each season. The team with the most points (based on wins, draws and goal differences) are crowned the champions. Teams in the Premier League also qualify for the UEFA Champion League.

UEFA Champions League – The next tournament will be held in 2016. It’s referred to as Euro 2016 or the 2016 UEFA European Championship. 24 teams will qualify, 1 will walk away the winner. Qualifiers start in September 2014 and the championship will start in June 2016.

MLS Finals – This is the professional league in the United States. There are 19 teams. Every year the top 3 teams from each conference makes the playoffs. The winner from each game would advance until 2 teams met at the MLS Finals to determine who deserved the MLS Cup.

Tips For Making Money From Betting on Football

Want to make profitable football bets? Dumb question, right? Here are some tips for what to consider when placing your bets.

History – Many betting experts look at the performance of each team leading up to a match or event. Have they been consistent? How have they done against a particular team? Do they usually choke in the 3rd period?

Injuries – Are any of their players injured, tired, sore, etc? This makes a huge difference if key players cannot play.

Weather – It’s harder to play in wet, cold, snowy, etc weather than clear, warm weather. Are there any of the teams who will suffer more because of this?

Location – Home teams usually have an advantage due to confidence, being in a familiar arena and the support of their fans.

You can also bookmark sites like ours where we provide tips based on our experience betting on football.