Hockey Betting

Ice hockey is a MASSIVELY popular sport. Not just in Canada either – you can find teams and rabid fans in America and Europe, too.

And good news – it’s a popular and common betting option at online sportsbooks.

You can bet on all kinds of stuff. The Olympics. The Stanley Cup. Americans teams. Canadian teams. Junior leagues. I’m just scraping the surface here.

Is that something you’re interested in knowing more about?

Good news then. This page will get you started. Below we show you where to bet on hockey online (including US-friendly sportsbooks), the different bets you can make, and we wrap it all up in a bow with picks to help you make more money betting.

Good luck!

Best Hockey Betting Sites

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus Visit
1 Best Odds Bet NowPinnacle Review
2 £200 Bonus Bet NowBet365 Review
3 €30 Bonus Bet NowBetway Review

5Dimes is our top pick for Americans because they accept players from all 50 states and are far and away the most trustworthy.

Pinnacle is our recommendation for everyone else because they offer the best margins and won’t close your account for being a winning punter.

What Types of Hockey Bets Can You Make?

You’re going to have LOTS of options. But keep in mind they will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. It’s just another reason why you should have more than one account (next to comparing prices).

Without further ado…

Live Betting – You can bet on the game in real time. Choose from options such as:

Money Line – This is a bet on which team you think will win. You may also have the option to include overtime.

Puck Line – This is a fancy way of saying betting the spread. You’re betting on whether or not a team will win by x number of goals, or whether a team will lose by no more than x number of goals.

Overtime – Bet on whether or not you think the game will go to overtime.

Additional Puck Line – Bet the point spread in either teams favor by adding goals to each team’s score.

Grand Salami – This is an over/under bet, but on a larger scale. You’re betting on the total number of goals from all the games played in one night.

Score First – Bet on the team you think will manage to score the first goal.

Correct Score – Predict what you think the score of a game will be, and then place a bet.

Home or Away Team – A simple bet. Bet on who you think will score the most goals on any given day/night – the home or away teams?

Highest Scoring Period – Which period do you think the majority of goals will be scored?

Prop Bets – These are bets on more or less random outcomes. Here are some examples of prop bets you can make:

Penalties – Bet on the number of penalties you think will be called, what periods you think they will happen and when the first one will happen.

Goal Time – Bet on when you think the first goal will be made.

Major Events – Bet on the Stanley Cup, All Star Game, Winter Olympics and more.

Make More Winning Hockey Bets With These Tips

Expert hockey handicappers suggest you:

==> Bet straight bets over parlays. The larger payout might look exciting, but remember these tickets are a heck of a lot harder to win.

==> Line shop. You should have accounts at multiple sportsbooks to make sure you can always find the best odds. You’ll have a larger selection of games and bet-types to choose from, too.

==> Pay attention to goalies. Goal keepers are like baseball pitchers – they can make all the difference. And keepers often go on hot or cold streaks which can make a big difference to how a team does over the course of days …even weeks.

==> Pay attention to who has home advantage. This can be a big team. Some teams are 50/50 at home. But others; they absolutely crush at home. Find out who is who and you might find an edge.

==> Beware of prop bets. Some props can take a lot of vig – as much as 15-20 percent. You should find props with vig at 10 percent or lower, or pass on them altogether.

The last tip is my own –

I suggest you become an expert. You watch every NHL game. Pay attention to the news to know who gets hurt or who changes teams. Pay attention to team and player history.

You’ll find far more success with knowledge and experience under your belt than some guy who has never betted before, let alone watched a game.