NFL Betting

Did you know that 65% of Americans watch football? That’s crazy. I guess you could say that crowding around the TV on Sundays to watch the game is as much an American tradition as baseball or apple pie.

That’s not for me though. Just watching sports isn’t exciting enough. I need some motivation, some action.

Like a ‘friendly’ wager with my buddies. Now we’re talking.

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Betting on football makes me feel like I have some skin the game, because I kind of do. I feel every fumble, touchdown and interception.

The best part about betting on football online is that there’s almost always something to bet on. Between all the major football leagues, there are games running 9-10 months out of the year.

The thought alone gets me pumped up. If it does you too, then you’ll want to read this page. I explain everything you need to know about betting on football on the internet.

What Leagues & Events Can You Bet On?

Arena Football – This is indoor football. It’s played on a smaller field, which results in a higher paced, higher scoring game. There are 14 teams. They play 20 weeks from March to August. Then they play the AFL playoffs, then the 2 winners go to the ArenaBowl. Bet the moneyline, point spread, over/under and more.

CFL – The Canadian Football League. They have 9 teams split into 2 divisions and they play 18 games during the regular season. Then 6 teams will compete in the divisional playoffs, which will lead to the Grey Cup. This is the largest sports/television event in the country. You can make bets on season records, over/unders, futures (Grey Cup winners), moneylines, etc.

NFL – The National Football League. 32 teams play over 17 weeks to get to the playoffs. The two best teams will then compete in the Super Bowl. Make bets on futures (MVPs, winning conference, to win), props (game totals, moneyline, the coin toss) and regular season totals.

College Football – You can bet on NCAA college football too. There are 125 teams that play from August to December. During that time frame there are 39 ‘bowls’ which include semifinal and championship games. Those are played between December and January. You can bet on the Heisman Trophy Winner, regular season wins, who will make the playoffs, who will win the conference and more.

Bet on the Super Bowl – Each year 2 teams battle it out for the Super Bowl trophy, individual player rings and bragging rights. This is also just as much about the commercials as it is football. A 30 second ad in 2013 cost $4 million to run.

You can bet on things like the first team to get a penalty, who will score first or last, total points and who will turnover the ball first. There are funny prop bets too, such as the race of the MVP, who will be the first to say I’m going to Disneyland, the color of Gatorade dumped on the coach, and more.

Types of Football Bets

Here are some of the football bets you can make.

Moneylines – Bet on who will win. There will be two numbers, one with a negative sign (the favorite) and another with a plus sign (the underdog). Bet on the favorite and you’ll wager what’s posted to win $100. Bet on the underdog and you’ll wager $100 to win the listed amount.

In-Play – You can make various bets while the game is playing. Often these are prop bets for the quarter, including totals, who will score, penalties, and more.

Props – These bets are on things not revolving around winning the game outright. Here are some examples:

Futures – These are bets on future games. One example is who will have the best record in their conference. Another is who will win the Super Bowl or Pro Bowl. You can place your futures bets weeks or months in advance.

Point Spread – This bet is on how much a margin a team will win or lose by. For example, if the bookie expects a team to win by 7 points, they will need to win by 8 points for you to ‘beat the spread’ and win your wager.

Parlays – This is a bet made on several teams. The more teams you bet on the higher your potential winnings. But all teams will need to win for you to win your bet.

Total Betting (Over/Unders) – This is a bet on what the totals will be, and whether you think the team(s) will score less or more.

Don’t Want to Bet on Sports? Try Fantasy Football Instead

Fantasy Football is a unique way of betting. It’s legal (in the USA), too, whereas sports betting is more or less a gray area.

Are you not familiar with fantasy sports? Here’s an idea of how it works.

The idea is that you’re the manager of your own football team. You play in one of many public/private leagues. Each person participating is the ‘manager’ of their own team.

Each season there is a draft where each manager will take turns picking players for their team. You’ll need to pick players for each position, as well as some reserves.

Then each week during the season your team will play. You score points based on the performance of your players in their real games. For example, if you have Tom Brady as your quarterback, and he scores in real life, you’ll earn points. You might earn 1 point for a 25 yard pass, and lose -2 points if one of your players fumbles the ball.

The points for each action will vary on the league you’re playing. But the goal is usually the same — to earn more points than the other managers in your league. In doing so you’ll often walk away with a cash prize, and bragging rights.

There are lots of leagues you can join. You can play a full blown season or play what’s known as daily fantasy football. The daily fantasy games are short term tournaments with a buy in and structure that mirrors (online) poker.

Millions of dollars and bragging rights are exchanged each year. You can play at outfits like Yahoo, NFL or ESPN, and have your own league setup, or you can play at outfits like Fan Duel. Many of the larger fantasy sports hubs have promos similar to online sportsbooks, too.