Tennis Betting

Tennis has a relatively short history compared to most other sports. One speculates that the first game which looked the most like modern tennis took place in England back in the 1860s. Later tennis clubs were founded, marketing were done and soon you had them playing the game all over the world.

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Today you will find that the game is played in almost every country in the world, and by all walks of life given the simplicity it offers. It also enjoys an enormous following for the biggest tournaments called the “Majors” where the elite players duke it out for a chance to win a Grand Slam title.

These big sporting events attract skilled athletes, which attracts viewers, sponsors and money, which then in turn attracts bettors. Tennis betting has become a big business for the betting sites of today as it makes up much of their betting volume.

In addition to our expert analysts looking at tennis bets regularly, we also have created a betting model that comes up with value bets you can bet on. These models are based on various criteria we have analyzed and backtested on data we have acquired.

So far it is proving to create a profit, and we are constantly working on it. If you want to check out the bets, you can find them here. The tips will update every hour.

Types of Tennis Bets available

The most common type of tennis bet is simply a straight wager on who will win the match. So-called “to win match” will let the bettor choose which player they think will win, for example Rafael Nadal to beat Novak Djokovic. If you choose the right player to win the match you will receive a payout based on the odds that you bet at.

There are many other types of bets that you can place and some of them include outright winners, set betting, game scores, number of games and more. Outright winners are bets made on who you think will win the tennis tournament in question, while the others are more specific to individual games where you might have a belief about how they will pan out in more detail.

Finally there are also plenty of proposition bets that you are offered when looking to bet on tennis. These are often bets that are more esoteric and not directly related to who will win the game. Examples of such bets are who will start to serve, will there be a tie break in the match, highest number of aces and so on.

You should check the selection at the bookmaker that you want to signup with and check that they offer the type of bets that you want to bet on. It differs widely between betting sites what they offer and how often.

Tennis Betting Strategy

People have different reasons for betting on tennis. Most people out there simply do it for fun. They like to back their favorite players and some are betting on there to be close matches that goes the distance. Little to no analysis goes into these picks and most likely this will not be a winning strategy. But some who are betting wants to try to turn a profit when doing their online tennis betting and to do that you need to develop a strategy on how to approach the sport.

Focus on specific markets and bets

The most important tip we can give is that you should focus on scope. Try to limit the markets you focus on as much as you can. Determine which types of bets you want to bet on and try to become better than the betting sites in coming up with the correct odds yourself.

I would recommend that you find some niche proposition bets that you dedicate yourself to analyze. I started out by analyzing and betting the “Tie Break in Match” prop bet. It has a smaller market, but that only means that there have been less thought going into the bets and it should be easier to pick off good bets here if you keep focused and attack this niche.

Note that you can choose whatever bets you like, but I recommend that you at least try to focus on one specific sport, and hopefully one niche of bets. That is how I found it to be easier to get good at betting and practicing working on analysis.

Do proper research

This might differ between most punters, but if your only analysis is watching games on the TV and making up your opinion based on what you see there then your chances of winning are rather slim. Then you are simply doing what all the other suckers out there are doing in terms of analysis. If you want to both beat the other bettors and the sportsbooks you need to stand out in some way.

By this I don’t mean that you need to delve into statistics and numbers, but it surely helps. I know of people that can bet on pure subjective analysis, but the amount of people that beat sports betting by objective analysis far outweighs the others.

So to get an edge you need to look for places that offers stats on the results and odds on a given match. A good place to start is who offer this for free. Eventually you might want to collect what you need yourself with your own program, but that is for a later and more in-depth article.

Things you could start figuring out is what kind of edge different players have on different surfaces, how they fare in long games vs short games, ace probability and so on. These can then in turn be used to come up with a win probability which can be used to determine good and bad bets.

Line shopping

Probably the most important tip I will give on this website. You need to get the best possible odds at all times. You might think that a difference of a couple of cents won’t matter, but when you consider the fact that you might be placing several thousand bets a year it can quickly add up to give you an extra padding in your bankroll if you do go look for it. Don’t underestimate the importance of this habit.

What Leagues and Events Can You Bet On?

Grand Slam – The biggest tennis events on the planet. This is where the elite tennis players from all over the world come to duke it out annually to try to claim the ultimate prize. There are 4 major tournaments and they are (in chronological order) the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. These are naturally the most prestigious tournaments and will attract the most viewers and prize money.

ATP World Tour – There are plenty of other tennis tournaments held besides the majors and ATP World Tour hosts many of these for men. They are grouped into Masters 1000, 500 series, 250 series and challenger tours, where the higher numbered ones gives you bigger rewards in terms of ranking points and are thus bigger events.

WTA Tour – For the womens tennis there are also plenty of tournaments besides the Grand Slams. The biggest besides them are called the Premier events and gives the highest ranking points over the International tournaments.