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Without sports, you wouldn’t have much of any sports betting. So the act of watching a sporting event and betting on it goes hand in hand. Many would argue that the advent of betting and the ever increasing availability of online betting has made sports even more popular. The two does really have quite the symbiotic relationship.

Most of you can agree that when you are sitting at home watching Monday Night Football, it does enhance the experience by quite a bit when you have put some money down on it. It doesn’t matter if you root for either team, once there is money involved, you have an outcome you are looking for!

Now, turn this around and say that you have put some money down on an event. You love Tennis, but right now there are no big events going on or maybe your favorite football team isn’t playing so you have to look at other leagues. Thus you place some bets down, whether it is because you do this to try to outwit the bookmakers or you simply want to gamble a little. Being able to watch the game will make the money you spend on this feel a bit better as you get a bit of excitement out of it as well. That is why live streaming is such a great way of adding that extra excitement to your sports bets too.

If you would like to just find an event to that you can both watch and bet on, you might want to try out Bet365. They offer live streaming of many sporting events that are going on around the world. Depending on the season, they have plenty of Tennis, Football, Baseball and many other sports that you can both view, place bets on and even bet in-play as you view the action live.

Check out their streaming schedule below or click the window below to go to their streaming page.

Live Stream

Live Stream Sports at Bet365

  1. Login or Register at Bet365 to watch to watch free live sport streams
  2. Make sure that you have real money in your account or have placed a bet within the last 24 hours
  3. Enjoy the 100% free streaming of sports!

Bet365 Live Stream Schedule