Accumulator Tips

The interest in accumulators have risen quite a bit in the later years, and so has the interest in getting football accumulator tips to bet on. Although they carry more risk than betting on individual games, they also reward those taking on this risk with a higher possible payout in the event of winning.

Bookmakers have caught wind of this and are looking to accommodate their customers by offering added value to the accumulators. I think it should be no secret to anyone that accumulators increases the negative expected value the more legs you add to your bet slip, and the bookmakers are helping people alleviate this burden by giving back some money in the form of bonuses and cash back.

Be sure to check your preferred betting site and see if it has any promotions on offer that you should take into consideration.

Football Accumulator Tips for Today

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Tennis Accumulator Tips for Today

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Here you can find our most recent accumulator tips. These are created using our computer model that looks at all the football matches coming up and trying to calculate the matches with the highest value, combining those into an accumulator with good value.

Accumulator FAQ

Our short FAQ on accumulator betting. Here we answer questions that seems to come up time and again, and will hopefully get you started right away.

Have a question you want answered? Do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help!

What is an Accumulator Bet?
An accumulator bet is simply a bet that combines several bets (2 or more) into one single bet that will only return your bet and winnings if all the bets end up winning.
Isn’t it free money just betting on favorites X, Y and Z – they will never lose!
This is a common fallacy among bettors – and not exclusive to accumulators, but also in general. People cannot see Tottenham not winning against West Bromwich for example, but that is exactly what happened last season when Tottenham was chasing Leicester.

Out of 53 games in the Premier League last that had odds under 1.50 of a team to win, 34 of those did not come true.

Upsets happens all the time, but not as often. If you fit in 10 top teams in an accumulator to all win their matches, you are bound to find an upset in there.

How much should I bet on each accumulator?
As a general rule: never more than you are ready to lose. More specifically, accumulator bets usually end up with quite large odds, and this implicitly means they are less likely to win. When your chances of winning are smaller, you should bet less money, even though your expected value might be the same as another wager.

You can test this yourself by playing around with the Kelly criterion for example.

Will your tips win me money – guaranteed?
No, we cannot guarantee winning money following our tips. We do not give out sure-things or banker bets, and that is simply because we know that is not how this works. Sports betting is a game of small edges, and this goes for accumulator bets as well.
It doesn’t seem you like accumulators at all, why is that?
Then you have misunderstood me. I am simply trying to convey the message that it is very hard to win betting on accumulators as it is hard enough to find one bet that has value, let alone several of them.

Now, I still bet on them as I believe I am able to find enough value at times that will win over time, and then accumulators is a good tool to make the most money. Also, it is very fun using accumulators. You can bet very little, but reap large rewards for it anyways.